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Native of Detroit, Michigan

Graduate of Grosse Pointe University School (1964)

Enlisted United States Naval Reserve (1965)

Graduate of the United States Naval Academy (1969)

Winged As Naval Flight Officer (1970)

Completed two combat tours to Vietnam in USS Enterprise

          flying the A-6 Intruder

Commanding Officer, VA-55 Warhorses (A-6 Intruder squadron)

Completed Naval Nuclear Propulsion Course

Commanding Officer, USS Abraham Lincoln Pre-commissioning Unit

Commanding Officer, USS Ponce (LPD-15) (amphibious warfare ship)

Commanding Officer, USS Theodore Roosevelt (nuclear aircraft carrier)

Promoted to Flag Rank 1993

Commander, Iceland Defense Force, Keflavik, Iceland

Commander, Carrier Group Four

Promoted to Rear Admiral Upper Half 1996

Deputy Commander U.S.Naval Forces Europe, London, UK

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

President, IDDEAS, LLC

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