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   Five Star Leadership Handbook

              A Rudder Shift for Your Organization

RADM Stanley W. Bryant, USN (RET

MCPON James L. Herdt, USN (RET)

This handbook Stan co-authored with Jim Herdt is a well-organized discussion of the traits and techniques a leader should use to create a rudder shift in the organization. This will be a dramatic course correction which will result in a sea change bringing increased productivity and efficiency. There are five chapters that discuss effective communications, habits of effective leaders, maximizing results, working with difficult people, and crisis management. Here is straight talk containing examples of methods and techniques to lead from the top from two seasoned professionals with a combined 72 years of Navy and 32 years of industry leadership.  Easy to read and remember, it is filled with lots of practical advice and examples.  It's the kind of thing a boss could have on his or her desk for quick and easy reference…maybe review on a daily basis to stay on track or for use in training sessions.  

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